How Can You Upgrade Your Home Interior Designs in 2017?

September 8th, 2017

Home décor is one segment that promises a new set of trends year after year, and this year is no different at all. Whether it is about revamping your entire kitchen space or adding quirky illustrations to glam up your wall designs, or adding enticing floor designs in your entire home, there is absolutely no dearth of home interior designs that one can opt for. Take a look into some of the latest trends in Home Interior Designs that are sure to leave you gasping for more:

1. Adding Greenery elements

Nature is close to everyone for sure and if one can incorporate the greenery elements in your own kitchen or bedroom space, there is nothing like it. The amount of freshness and vibrancy that accompanies that is sure to guarantee an unparalleled experience for your own space.

2. Outdoor feeling spaces for your Bathrooms

Another enticing way to uplift your entire home interior spree, especially for nature enthusiasts, this is an amazing way that promises an illusion of an outdoor scene right in your own bathroom space. All it needs is a large window or wall paper that illustrates nature closely and you could not have asked for more.

3. Uplifting your entry pathways

Increasingly, home décor experts have started to focus more on glamming up your entryways. After all, the first impression is the last impression. Adding a fun and quirky piece of wallpaper or a beautiful masterpiece, changing the floor plan for wooden options, or simply adding a narrow and attractive table with a tray for shoes beneath it is all that can upgrade your entry space manifold.

4. Utilizing kitchen storage walls

In order to utilize the kitchen space to the fullest, the latest trend calls for making use of walls for the purpose of storage inside your kitchen space. This is an extension to the usual cabinets provided inside the kitchen and looks really attractive.

5. Adding beautiful vanity in Bedroom

If your bedroom is spacious enough, one can consider adding an elaborate and attractive looking vanity right within your bedroom space. One can even add a quirky touch to your age old chests of drawers, old file cabinets, vintage consoles and so on and convert them into a beautiful vanity space.

6. Patios

Patios are definitely an export from the Western world and Indians are realizing its potential big time, all thanks to the age of globalization. By using the right kind of furniture, one can easily make his or her boring outdoor space into a stylish and modern getaway, uplifting the entire home interior space tremendously.

7. Distinctive Powder Room designs

Powder rooms are well suited for homes with large spaces and can be designed in several unique ways. Using attractive designs, bold patterns, bright colors and glamorous accessories, one can totally take the task of glamming up your powder room space one step above.

8. False Ceiling

Even though the concept of the false ceiling is not a novel one in the history of home décor, but of late, it has taken the shape of many attractive designs that promises to convert your plain home space into an attractive and stylish place, making you want to come back to your home real quick.

How To Create An Outdoor Stone Table With Ready Mix Concrete

September 8th, 2017

Among the most enjoyable tasks property owners can do is creating outdoor furniture. Plenty of people found out that it can be less stressful to manage as opposed to other DIY projects since it does not always need to be perfect. Moreover, you can work with old furniture you already have at hand and give it a new look especially when it is already damaged.

An outdoor stone table is one project you can take on. This is somewhat easy using DIY concrete supplies. If you haven’t worked with concrete before, that will not be a problem because this piece of furniture isn’t just low maintenance but also comes together quickly. Moreover, it can withstand the changes in weather. And when you have bought the wrong item, it will be easy to trade concrete supplies for those you’ll need.

Bring out your old table and spread a thick sheet of melamine – this will serve as the base. Create a border around the table using PVC molding and extend it based on your desired thickness for the tabletop. After that, screw the molding.

You can actually make use of different sizes of containers like ice cream tubs and old cans to create a very easy design for the tabletop. Consider removing the tops and bottoms – this will act as your design stencil.

Add water to the ready mix concrete. You have to make small batches of different colors of concrete. You can also make use of different coloring pigments to achieve the hues you desire.

Coat the table’s surface, the molding and the containers with cooking spray. Pour the concrete on the table while the different colored concrete into the containers. With a rubber mallet, consider tapping the underside of the table to guarantee that there will be no air bubbles in the concrete. Don’t forget to even out the surface using a trowel. Level also the concrete with a wood board. To completely even the surface, you must use a back and forth motion.

Wait for 2-3 days so the concrete will completely dry. After that, remove the mold and flip the concrete slab over. Using a sealant, seal the surface. Know that sealants are available in different finishes, which include wet, satin and matte.

With a masonry drillbit, drill the holes onto the table. Fasten the concrete slap using concrete anchors. That’s it, you now have a piece of outdoor furniture that will surely last for a very long time with just your ready mix concrete a little water and a little of your creativity.